Do you know the most helpful websites to understand ASP.Internet with?
What blogs would you see clearly to boost your technical understanding of ASP.Internet?
What forums are helpful for you?

First I'll clarified this.
[Website] ASP.NET
[Website] 4GuysFromRolla
[BLOG] ScottGu Blog
[BLOG] Omar Alzaber Blog

I've got a large amount of links but perhaps you have a hyperlink that's helpful for me personally.

Thanks for your input...

Quick Start Guides on Asp.Net

MSDN Learn Asp.Net

W3Schools is a superb starting point learning any web technology.

Article Collections:

If you're seriously interested in learning ASP.internet you'd be easier to invest over a couple of good books, as opposed to just reading through blogs.

Shaun Atwood (creator of Stack Overflow) includes a good blog publish about them:

Good quality books to get are:

Beginning 3.5

Professional 3.5

Following some books which guide you through practical good examples is a lot more valuable than websites. I am inclined to use websites for specific subjects after i be aware of technology.

For instance, knowing ASP.Internet, specialty area methods to handle WPF grids with elegance is a superb website reading through subject.

Subjects versus overall teaching.

Just my 2c.

Lazy I understand.. but maybe you have looked at the asp.internet questions at StackOverflow )

Really take a look at them sorted by votes