I am searching for a hosting service for Drupal to suggest to any or all my next clients, to be certain I am not likely to have development issues.

I am recording a listing of includes a Drupal hosting service must have:

1. User interface with zip compress / decompress functionality Once I submitted drupal to new server, It's my job to do not have ssh access, and php scripts sometimes cause files permissions issues. It is best to get it done from user interface.

2. PHP Memory Limit: 128MB (or even more ?) I'm not going any longer to determine from memory messages. It is really an important point.

3. PHP publish_max_size Some customers could not upload lengthy videos (with CCK Upload fields) due to this limit. What is a reasonable value for this ?

4. Rewrite Module Enabled I am unsure all hosts get it enabled. Or am I wrong ? I ought to request for this if I wish to use clean web addresses, correct ?

5. IMAP E-mail ? I wish to have the ability to setup e-mail services for my clients. They ought to have the ability to setup multilple client e-mail programs using their e-mail account along with a copy of the e-mails should stick to the server. This is exactly what IMAP protocol does.. correct ? Must I request for this, basically want this e-mail functionality or I'm able to handle it in a different way ?

6. Automatic backup. I would like my website always online. Which means that a duplicate of my drupal installation ought to be instantly produced on the backup server and able to use when the server is lower.

Would you please correct, or suggest features to include ? Thanks!

You skipped one!

PHP > 5.2

redhat/centos is not a brand new enough version

You will find more obscure MySQL designs that may be problematic for Drupal, so far as I recall you'll need CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE permissions for that Drupal search.

Based on your website a lesser PHP memory limit ought to be OK.

Don't depend around the Hosting Provider's backup, always build your own backup copies. A available backup server will not participate any affordable webspace.

Most hosters permit you to check out their services on the temporary account, I'd simply do that to ascertain if you will find any problems.

publish_max_size should ideally be slightly bigger than upload_max_size.

IMO, you will find couple of more points to consider. For example:

  • PHP not running in Safe Mode (this introduces enormous issues).
  • PHP is ideally running being an Apache module (CGI/FCGI are fine if guess what happens you are doing).
  • Drupal user has ALL Rights on its database (to produce temporary tables for example).
  • A sizable key and index buffer size for MySQL (helpful for big queries transported by Sights).
  • Allow Apache user to gain access to drupal.org (yes, I'd a scenario in which a host company did not take and Drupal status updates were useless).