I'll shortly go live with a brand new .internet web application. It will likely be used to some load balanced atmosphere over 5 servers.

Before go live there's a holding site on all of the 5 servers that the domain is presently pointing -> world wide web.website.com

Just before go live, I must deploy the brand new site to five servers but for the holding site to stay and for this to become exactly what the public sees.

And when it's time, I'm able to place the new site accept a flick of the switch. I additionally want the brand new site to become around the servers to ensure that I'm able to test drive it just before go live.

I'm running in IIS7.

This really is common practice I presume what exactly may be the simplest way doing that above and get setting up the brand new site around the servers won't affecting the holding site. The brand new site be around in my experience however the holding site be seen by everyone. Any suggestions regarding how this is often accomplished?

You may create several website in IIS. I'd produce a new website on each machine having a temporary host header after which change it out towards the site URL when you wish to visit live. The burden balancer may affect your final decision on whether or not to deploy to a different site utilizing a host header, port, as well as other identifier.