I wish to load data in one database table to a different database table. For instance there is available table 'tbl' in db1 and db2 databases, and I wish to copy all data from 'tbl' of 'db1' to 'tbl' of 'db2' in oracle. Any help could be appreciated.

I'd take advantage of either exp/imp or expdp/impdp (10g+) with this.

The older exp/imp command is reduced, but has got the advantage the export file is produced and browse in the client system. The expdp/impdp command is a lot faster, however the file is produced on and browse in the server in which the databases live. So, for those who have your databases on different servers, you will need to copy the export files around. Also, it takes an Oracle Directory to become setup through the DBA.

To be able to do that , you will have to produce a database outcomes of the 2 schemas. Here is really a connect to a tutorial that might help.