After I is at these place of work that was a internet search engine company, I noted that they executable files built using C++ , that have been invoked with command line parameters by cgi script for serving each webrequest. (eg., when user hits searching button)

I possibly could not comprehend the complete large picture, but was surprised that just how much overhead could be there in starting a brand new process for every user request, since OS loader needs to map the procedure space, etc. (it had been unix solaris)

Could it be an obsolete technology, or shall we be held missing something ? (eg., if your process starting could be enhanced by creating permanent mapping and they'd did that). Or exist better options to operate C++ code for any webrequest?

Solaris is most likely well enhanced for your usage. Yes, it needs to initialize the procedure memory, however it can most likely reuse many of the work and just a couple of kilobytes really should be replicated.

The only real option to loading a procedure per request would be to allow extensibility inside the server process. This could affect stability, place limitations around the server extension, and put additional demands around the programmer. The performance benefit could 't be worthwhile.

When the performance benefit makes it worth while, you'll be able to rewrite the applying being an extension/module/servlet/whatever.