I am attempting to convert http://localhost/website to http://website.loc, but I am unable to do this. Some tips about what I possibly could do:

I edited /etc/hosts (I am on Ubuntu) by altering 127...1 localhost to 127...1 localhost website.loc and saved changes

I produced a brand new file named website inside /etc/apache2/sites-available with this particular content:

<virtualhost website.loc>

        ServerName website.loc

        DocumentRoot /home/myuser/projects/website/

        <directory /home/myuser/projects/website/>

                AllowOverride all

                Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews

                Order allow,deny

                allow all



And That I produced a softlink to sites-enabled make it possible for this. Next, I restarted Apache. Incidentally, I'm while using Yii framework with any request to / rerouted to /index.php, so index.php isn't necessary for the query.

So, after i write website.loc/ into chrome, it moves me to http://website.loc/site/login (the login index page, that's almost expected even when I had been drenched in as localhost, since the site url "transformed" to website.loc, therefore the snacks aren't shared), however the submissions are:

Not Found

The asked for URL /website/index.php wasn't available on this server.

Apache/2.2.16 (Ubuntu) Server at website.loc Port 80

Am I doing a problem? Thanks ahead of time, mates

Edit: It had been by pointing out .htaccess inside /home/myuser/projects/website. It's RewriteBase was pointing to /website. Altering this to / also it labored like charm. Thanks @Chux for telling me to determine the .htaccess!

First, http://website.loc/index.php, see if that actually work. In the event that work, means you need to create an .htaccess inside your website root folder make it possible for that route format