I have been developing / testing a website in your area on the MAMP (e.g. Light) atmosphere. I've got a form that's processed by jQuery that actually works fine in your area I'm not going so that it is posted, but to transmit the values for an AJAX function.

The problem is it submits towards the 'action' destination from the form parameter when it is operate on an online server with virtually exactly the same setup, e.g. Apache, PHP, etc. No code differs. Then when I submit the shape, the jQuery does not catch the shape, it simply goes ahead and submits.

Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time.


function save_words_ajax(username, save_word, save_meaning) {
  type: "GET",
  url: "ajax/save_word.ajax.php",
  data: "username=" + username + "&save_word=" + save_word + "&save_meaning=" + save_meaning,
  dataType: "html",
  success: function(html){
   $("#complete h2").html(html);
  complete: function(){
  setTimeout('$("#complete").hide("fast")', 1500);


<form id="new_word_form" action="ajax/save_word.ajax.php" method="get" accept-charset="utf-8">
   <input type="hidden" name="username" value="someusername" />
   <input type="hidden" name="word_reset" value="word" />
   <input type="text" name="save_word" value="word" class="clearme" />

   <input type="hidden" name="meaning_reset" value="meaning" />
   <input type="text" name="save_meaning" value="meaning" class="clearme" />

   <input type="submit" name="some_name" value="+" id="some_name" />

Make certain jQuery as well as your taking code can be obtained on the website, e.g. make sure it is loaded by checking the origin with Firebug.

Also make certain the big event listener to capture the shape submission is properly registered and also the event is ended. The code you published doesn't show where and just how the onSubmit event is handled.