Does anybody are conscious of companies offering SaaS full text search? I am searching for something which uses Lucene, solr, or sphinx about the after sales, and offers a Relaxation API for posting documents to index, and running searches.

I possibly could build my very own EC2 AMI, but I'd need to configure EBS along with other stuff, monitor it, etc. Curious if a person has done all of this and would charge per Megabytes/GB indexed.


-- James

Websolr supplies a cloud-based Solr having a user interface. It's in private beta by this writing, but you will get the service through Heroku.

Another located Solr service is PowCloud, also in private beta, which appears to provide strong Wordpress integration.

Acquia Search offers Solr integration for Drupal sites.

If you choose to construct your own EC2 instance, the SolrOnAmazonEC2 wiki page may be helpful. Or you might just get LucidWorks Solr for EC2, that is most likely the simplest and quickest method of getting Solr on EC2.

Engine Yard supplies a cloud-based Sphinx service.

Indextank is really a located real-time full text search solution. It's really quite simple to setup (you will get a catalog running in a few momemts) and it is very powerfull (Reddit runs over IndexTank). It offers Java, Python, Ruby and Php clients in addition to a Relaxation API specs. There's an incredible support service (including live chat). You need to try it out.

BTW, you cannot buy LucidWorks for Solr, it's free :-)

An alternative choice, particularly for United kingdom people is http://world wide . I ought to explain I own Netaphor Ltd. We offer the Solr Relaxation API but in addition have a PHP connector to ensure that you will get ready to go very rapidly.

I figured you might like to take a look at a located solr/lucene offering by Acquia (a business began through the founding father of Drupal) because they provide a top quality solution known as Acquia Search depending on Solr. Find more information in the followin URL: offers ready for use search index containers, depending on Apache Solr search server. As they are we support Wordpress and Drupal but we're creating a generic system. We're presently in private beta. Make contact with us at to obtain a merchant account.

We offer the native Solr Relaxation API. We now have added SSL and HTTP Authentication.

Disclaimer: I am the founding father of Indekspot

An alternative choice for lower-volume websites is Midwestern Mac's located Solr search (I'm who owns Midwestern Mac, LLC, just fyi).

Although it's fairly simple (if use a command line respectably well) to provision your personal server on the VPS somewhere...

Use SearchBlox. It is dependant on Lucene and includes numerous capabilities. It compares well with Google Small. It's also available being an AMI on AWS EC2. You may also deploy towards the new AWS Beanstalk. http://world wide

I'm a co-founding father of Search Technologies. (world wide We presently host numerous clients on the platform that utilizes Solr and our very own information systems tools/methods.