There's already an identical "Located Solution for Version Control — with pre-commit hooks?" question on SO. However, the consumer who requested that question only needed client-side hooks, and I am searching for a Git host that enables you to definitely configure server-side hooks.

(The main reason I am searching for this really is to ensure that we are able to prevent designers from having the ability to "push -f" on specific branches. Client-side hooks are of no minimal use for fixing this issue.)

So, can anybody recommend a Git host that enables its customers to create server-side hooks?

(Bonuses if stated host also provides a built-in bug tracker.)

* EDIT *

This was already clarified, and also the bounty granted ... but when you will find any Git hosts available making it simpler to avoid "push -f" (either by supplying that much cla of permissioning themselves, or by supplying use of publish pre-recieve hooks, which may then allow me to use already-written/standard pre-recieve scripts) I would like to learn about them.

their email list of hooks on github is here now:

there is a generic publish-receive hook, although not a normal pre-receive

you are able to code your own here:

I figured GitHub enables server side hooks

Just tell the designers to avoid this, and give a client-side hook like a precaution if you are concerned about accidents. Should you be worried about designers breaking policy by pushing as much as master anyway, surely you've bigger problems than this. And it is nothing like a push -f could be destructive inside a distributed system for example Git everybody will have their local copies from the overwritten commits.