I wish to try my hands at developing for that apple iphone however i do not have an Apple-based Mac open to me likewise, my budget does not include provisions to get one in the near future. I have attempted playing around with winchain which has not gone too well. I am not thinking about jail-breaking my phone and setting up other tools for developing. I have read posts on using older apple computers using the development tool-package but haven't attempted it yet. Ultimately Among the finest to understand I'm able to compile without having done a lot of work or finding work-arounds. I do not mind only getting use of a CLI compiler.

Does anybody are conscious of a hosting service providing you with a spend access account on Apple-based Mac OS X machines?

Regrettably, this issue discloses the truth that the remote desktop capacity about the Apple computers simply sucks.

Its just VNC, also it needs to attend the resolution you're drenched in about the local desktop at. If MacOSX really supported the NX/freeNX protocol the industry extremely fast compressed and functional for that UI a located service will be a much more helpful.

Sadly, all we obtain are comments from fans who simply want you to definitely be running MacOS on Apple hardware in your area to help you allegedly "be awesome like them". Macosx, and it is fans have to develop. Apple's walled garden does not look so pretty came from here.

Request a buddy who is the owner of a Mac to set up TeamViewer and allow you to use his computer for many hrs every day, if you do not know anybody then try offering some dollars each hour on some Mac related forum, just take care not to pick the wrong person, otherwise your code could easily get launched before very long. :P

Sell your apple iphone and obtain an used ipod device touch + used mac small. Nearly impossible to think that somebody are able to afford an apple iphone, although not an mac computer. The apple iphone (a minimum of in Germany) is really a luxury product of +3000 USD total price of possession. Market it.

If you are not thinking about jail breaking your phone, then at the minimum you are have to the simulator to check your applications on.

Which means you are have to not only spend access with an Apple Mac. I have personally went the simulator and effectively built versions of my apple iphone programs on the PPC mac, although it's a little slow. Code signing also doesn't work - but a minimum of you receive the simulator and Xcode.

Apple Mac / hackintosh / virtualised OS X + X-Code. They are your choices. It has been clarified MANY occasions.