Does anybody are conscious of a located web service which will connect me to my online databases?

Quite simply, I've two online databases that I have to connect with finished IOS (apple iphone/iPad). XCode won't allow an immediate database connection, not to mention I hear all the horror tales by doing this.

However don't want to purchase new box, nor do I wish to become familiar with a new language for example PHP or Ruby simply to open my database. And So I figured there can be a web-based website hosting company will be able to just put my database connection strings into and they'll open the database for me personally and that i don't need to bother about it.

Any suggestions?

Most hosting packages allow remote MySQL connections, as lengthy as possible make your own databases and customers it will work. The issue many people encounter would be that the server doesn't have any user set up for remote access. Another factor to look at for may be the port number, some hosts block port 3306 however i haven't seen this frequently, I do not believe it is a typical practice.

This article although quite old continues to be relevant and clearly outlines the steps you will have to decide to try allow an online user for connecting for your database server.

Hope that can help, good-luck!

  • I presumed you had been taking a MySQL setup.

If you are prepared to migrate your computer data to some located service, includes a located data solution that may work nicely for you personally. They're still in beta and that i haven't attempted with them yet, however it sounds very promising.