In your area, my application runs fine on and creates to the logs.

My production server is running CentOS by having an Apache server running Passenger. When attempting to debug, I observed my log files weren't being written to. First factor Used to do was chmod 0666 them, so when I discovered that did not work I checked out my apache log. I discovered this: Rails Error: Not able to gain access to log file. Please make sure that /var/www/vhosts/ is available and it is chmod 0666. The log level continues to be elevated to WARN and also the output forwarded to STDERR until the issue is fixed.

(Note: I'm implementing with capistrano)

Anyway, I Researched around and located people saying this is an SELinux problem, and so i looked on passenger's paperwork and located this:

which essentially states do that: chcon -R -h -t httpd_sys_content_t /path/to/your/rails/application

However, after i complete the correct path I recieve: Operation not supported.

Pretty stumped...any ideas?

How are you affected of "ls -l" in your log file? On Ubuntu I must make certain the acl's are correct around the log files. It's my job to solve that by utilizing

sudo chown -R deploy:deploy /path/to/app

Deploy may be the user that passenger runs in.