I am sorry for that title, however i could not think about an easy method to request this.

Essentially, I have to produce a database model for logging daily inspections and parameters on various items. Every single day the consumer will open an application, it'll list numerous tasks to check on too request for operating parameters to become recorded (for instance, temperature). The consumer then makes its way into the parameters and flags anything which has an problem.

The problem I've with modeling this is always that the products to check on can alter as operational needs change. We might need to add or remove items to check to help keep things relevant.

I do not genuinely have much example data to exhibit like me stumped about which approach to take. One factor I'm able to think about is keeping some kind of version number but I am unsure how that will try looking in a database. The only real other factor I possibly could want to do is produce a hard copy PDF from the results and save that, instead of saving the outcomes within the database. This way I do not need to bother about adding/getting rid of products because previous daily inspections won't be saved within the database and for that reason will not be influenced. This could most likely work acceptable for our needs once we do not have to return and alter anything after it's done, however i won't assist to consider there's an easy method.

Tell me if you want any clarification and thank you for any assist you to can offer.

Edit (More Details)
Right we now have an empty stand out sheet for every device, it's a listing of inspections... the first is say "General cleanup of hydraulic fluid", or "Look for abnormal noise/vibration" then you will find a few that clever say "Hydraulic Pressure (psi)" and you've got to go in pressure you recorded... there's most likely about 20 tasks normally. After this you place your title around the sheet, date it, print it and sign it.. it will get filled most likely never to be viewed again....

What I recommend is maybe breaking it lower into components...so each device has a listing of "tasks" after which every one of these tasks could be produced as well as used again across multiple products for those who have parallels. This way when the needs change you can easily create new tasks. It could take a little of fiddling to build up a UI that appears nice so far as editing and exhibiting the finish result however for modeling reasons i'd say that's what you want.

I'd produce a table to keep cases of products, a table to keep cases of tasks, and you might have another table that connected dates,products, and tasks. And when a specific task changes itself you will find the use of creating it to ensure that way it might be editable.