I've got a Debian Lenny server running Apache 2.2. I run PHP using Apache's fcgi mod. PHP runs as user www-data (the default) since it is what Apache runs as and there's just one site around the server and so i aren't seeing any reason (you can correct me) to achieve the FastCGI instance run like a different user.

I chown the possession of my PHP files to www-data:www-data to ensure that PHP doesn't have problem modifying and writing data when needed (things are chmod 755).

I lately got a brand new text editor I wish to use to edit PHP on my small desktop which will download files via SFTP and re-upload them after i hit save (transparently w/o me realizing). I personally use Vim server-side however for complex edits this appears simpler.

My new desktop editor must sign in as user www-data therefore it can write files to the server. I've attempted to passwd www-data establishing your password (and getting rid of the "!" from /etc/shadow) however i am still not able to sign in via SSH. What else should i do in order to have the ability to sign in as user www-data?



That's about that to complete!

I didn't remember to reload my ssh server because I restrict who are able to sign in.

Hope the above mentioned is helpful to a person!