I must display a login-pop-up window once the user clicks the hyperlinks inside a custom module. I've the pop-up using rokbox and am exhibiting it for other links. I'm adding the hyperlinks towards the module from adminside also it the consumer isn't drenched inside it should show the hyperlink for rokbox pop-up and when he's drenched it will show the particular link. Please tell me where I have to make changes. I believe I'm able to get all of the module contents within the default.php of mod_custom and may look into the conditions. However furthermore , it will likely be applied for the custom modules. Now how do i specify it's checking the problem for the module home based page.

It will likely be useful if a person can answer it As soon as possible.

I would get me wrong your question, but here's my solution basically understand you properly:

around the mind of each and every page add:

<?php if (isset ($_GET['msg'])) {
    $message = $_GET['msg']; ?>
    <script language='JavaScript' type='text/JavaScript'>
    alert (<?php $message ?>);
<?php } ?>

after which without notice to possess a custom message popup around the next page add ?monosodium glutamate="Welcome user" towards the url inside your link.

Presuming you're using Joomla 1.5 along with a custom module so that you can execute no matter what code you would like -

$user =& JFactory::getUser();
    //show logged in link
    //show link to login form

If you work with the Custom HTML module then you will have to add extra time that enables you to definitely include PHP code within the content or you will have to code a custom module to show the hyperlinks.

I've tried it using Extension known as Jumi. This can let us place/call custom PHP code. Things I did is, I place the contents inside a PHP file and known as it inside a article. So within the PHP file we are able to check if the user is drenched in along with other things. I Quickly known as this short article inside a module.It is now working.