My catalina logs are filling with gobs of claims like:

/logs/catalina.out:2010-05-05 02:57:19,611 [Thread-19] DEBUG httpclient.wire.content - >> "[0x4]

so on forever.

I looked every config file both in tomcat and apache for that claims that allegedly turn this on as referred to here:

And That I aren't seeing where this logging continues to be enabled. Not one other .war I used performs this. The log4j configuration block within the application is not doing the work.

I additionally attempted to power it down with claims such as this:






during my tomcat/conf/logging.qualities file, which did not stop it

I am utilizing an S3 library for grails that might be the origin of these. However, if I run this application on my small development machine (both in develop and deploy configs), I am not seeing it.

Along with a related question: When would i would like to make use of these "wire logs?"

Have you got any extra logging library inside your Tomcat common/lib? (i.e SLF4J, Logback, Log4J, etc)

If so, you might want to configure the particular logging configuration file too.