I am not really sure the things they refer to this as or most of these tools.

But I am looking for something that actually works much like Wordpress that actually works just like a blog. However, rather than blogging I wish to publish downloadable content to this site with images and perhaps an account of the items the download is. Just like a blog, more recent posts/content go to the very best older ones visit the bottom and therefore are aged.

Exactly what do they call these power tools? Can anybody provide links or point me inside a direction in order to even start to research something?

Thanks ahead of time!

Content management systems - Cms. Wordpress allows you need to do what you are searching for though, just examine the different plug ins available.

There is nothing preventing you against using wordpress to get this done. Including links in "posts" or "records" is simple, and you will build your own custom publish types if you want. That will result in the publish form more customized for your needs. For example, rather than a title and the body, you might have a title, download link, featured image, and outline fields within the custom publish type.

Or maybe more simply, make use of the body of the default publish to incorporate a hyperlink along with a description, and designate a featured image.

Have you got any understanding of php?