Today, I restarted my CentOS server and then my PHP application began to fail in being able to access our MsSQL server.

[Sun Mar 13 23:44:31 2011] [error] [client 88.154.*.*]
PHP Warning:  mssql_connect()
[<a href='function.mssql-connect'>function.mssql-connect</a>]: Unable to connect to server:  85.*.*.109
  • MsSQL server uses port 1433.
  • I am capable of getting an association after i try telnet ip 1433 to MsSQL server.
  • Account information combination is correct, I am in a position to login from another machine.
  • Nothing continues to be transformed in security configurations of MsSQL server.

How do i see wrong?

have you make sure and make certain that of sql server's services have began?