I've got a web page that's running in wordpress using thesis. The page turns up fine on the PC however the sidebar has been started lower on any mac internet browser. Can anybody point me within the right direction? I have checked this content, sidebar, padding, margins, etc to make certain they are not too wide to suit within the wrapper, however i aren't seeing the issue. I want a brand new set of eyes. Can anybody help? http://www.thesurgicalsolution.com/

You are missing an ending </div> tag, that will modify the sidebar positioning, among other code errors. See [Invalid] Markup Validation of thesurgicalsolution.com - W3C Markup Validator. Scroll lower within the validation are accountable to see line amounts and source code.

It may be resolved, for Safari 5..5 a minimum of, having a clear:both put into div#content but I am unsure of why. A few of the body text continues to be spilling to the best, behind the sidebars, so there might be a width/padding/margin problem there too.