I'm able to activate an apache webserver within the System Preferences. Now I wish to install some mods however i aren't able to find the road. Everyone indicates it's /usr/local/apache, but that does not exist. How can i find my apache road to install the mods?

Thanks, MrB


Particularly, I wish to install Ruby integration in order to include <% %> Ruby tags during my HTML. If anybody has any hints regarding how to do that, or lessons, please let them know. All of the Ruby folks appear to become using Mongrel, however i have apache and would like it to work there, if at all possible. Thx.

On Mac OS X 10.6, the modules are situated in /usr/libexec/apache2.

You are able to consider the configuration file in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf to determine the road if you are not finding them there.

For using ruby you should use MacPorts to set up FastCGI. Stick to the instructions to set up MacPort after which run:

port install fcgi

Using MacPorts you receive the advantage of easy updates (port selfupdate; port upgrade outdated )

The config files have been in /private/etc/apache2/ on my small system (Mac OS 10.6). The apachectl script is within /usr/sbin/apachectl. The particular httpd binary is within /usr/sbin/httpd.

The conf files are situated in /private/etc/apache2 and also the mod files have been in /usr/libexec/apache2