I am testing django at this time on Max OS X Snow Leopard Server. I've put together mog_wsgi for build-in apache/python and enabled it in apache via LoadModule wsgi_module. I've also installed django via standard python setup.py install command. Next, i've produced an evaluation django application by named webtest in ~/Documents and enabled it in Apache via WSGIScriptAlias / /Users/me/Documents/webtest/django.wsgi (django.wsgi is really a file i've produced by hand).

Not surprisingly, nothing works together with cryptic "use of /error/HTTP_FORBIDDEN.html.var refused" apache error. As google states, that's most most likely reads like 'apache was unable to read script file'. Ok, i've transformed sudo chmod -R 777 /Users (calm, it is a virtual PC :) - and all sorts of works all right.

So, the question: exactly what is a suggested folder structure for my django applications in referred to configuration and what permissions i want? 777 isn't for production :)

0755 (sites) and 0644 (files) ought to be plenty, but within user's home directory isn't the normal spot for an internet application regardless. /srv may be the new spot to place them, but this is not present in a typical OS X installation.