I actually do Php and MySQL development on the small-scale on my small Mac. When first researching everything a couple of in the past, I discovered Marc Liyanage's Apache build (entropy.ch). Since that's all I understood, I installed it and have used it since.

I hear a great deal about XAMP and MAMP nowadays. Now I am not really a Linux guy really. I'm able to circumvent the terminal, and employ MySQL through the terminal, but I am much less UNIX savy generally. I've found that I am stumped when I must install packages for Apache / Php through the command line.

My real question is: may be the interface / installation / maintenance in XAMP / MAMP simpler or even more intuitive, compared to entropy.ch build? (As with, more connects and fewer UNIX code to construct things)?

What about every other variations?

I can not say I have seen or used Marc Liyanage's Apache build, but could attest that both XAMPP and MAMP are very simple to install and employ nor require any command line instructions to create.

I personally use XAMPP daily, and attempted MAMP for some time but saw nothing better or worse about this so just stored using XAMPP. When you are requiring to increase Apache and install additional modules then you will need the command line to do this, but I have never required to.

The only real frustration I have ever endured with either is default place for site files being using the application folder. It's fairly simple to alter or deal with, but it is annoying if you are accustomed to getting them within the sites folder.

XAMPP and MAMP are pretty much all-in-one nor should affect your overall setup if oyu provide them with an evaluation drive.

I've discovered MAMP to become simpler and much more intuitive. XAMPP is nearly the identical, however it does not appear as "mac"-like.

I have not even heard about entropy.ch in order to not discuss the variations, but when you havent attempted MAMP yet you need to have a look. Its increasingly simple.