I have setup some redirects with an Apache server. They appear at bit such as this:

Redirect /Title/register /login.html

My real question is this... can there be anyway to preserve the HTTP Referrer through this redirect? It might appear that automatically, Apache discards the data. I would love it if following the redirect was complete the referrer was say:


Anybody if this sounds like even possible? Otherwise, ideas with an alternative.

Thank you, Neil

Redirect will not preserve the referrer since the browser is distributed a 301 along with a new address to spread out. In the manual:

The Redirect directive maps a classic URL into a replacement by asking the customer to refetch the resource in the new location.

mod_rewrite and (I believe) Alias can rewrite directly (i.e. without leading to a browser redirect) and can preserve the referrer. With mod_rewrite, you may also add the referer like a GET parameter for your request, if you wish to.

It is a browser problem, not apache. There is not much that you can do about this. This is accomplished to avoid certain security issues and referrer junk e-mail.


You could keep original referrer inside a pipeline variable at the outset of the request and merely pull it after that rather.

I produced another way that transfers the refferer via a 301 redirect. http://webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/4665/