How does one maintain separate production anddeveloper databases when focusing on one machine, which you'll toggle transparently? I have seen some close subjects but not one of them appear to complement.

Call one database push and something dev. make use of a different group of username/password pair for production and development.
You are able to toggle the bond string &lifier alter the database, account information.

I typically check this out done 1 of 2 ways.

  1. Use two configuration files, and just relabel them when needed make it possible for each atmosphere

  2. Use two copies from the application/website around the machine, one that's production one that's dev.

Personally, i like the second item, when i discover that the first causes it to be Far too simple to accidentally be around the production database.

Ideally the development atmosphere should not be on a single host because the development atmosphere (so any accidentally lengthy running or intensive queries do not take lower production).

One approach I have used previously where I desired a QA atmosphere along with a development atmosphere side-by-side, ended up being to use different cases of SQL Server, which in fact had the additional advantage that inter-database queries were relatively "safe", and did not need altering between conditions Then simply have different config files as appropriate.