From the previous problem I have found I must move a single plug ins script to become loaded within the footer instead of the header (o other products can load first)

It is possible to way (in both wordpress, or even the really wordpress plugin) to inform it to transmit one wordpress plugin to load within the footer somewhere? Maybe the place anywhere it gives instructions to load within the header could be transformed?

The final argument for wp_enqueue_script is really a Boolean whether or not to load the script within the footer:

Normally scripts are put within the <head> section. If the parameter holds true the script is positioned at the end from the <body>. This involves the theme to achieve the wp_footer() hook within the appropriate place. Note you need to enqueue your script before wordpress_mind operates, even when it will likely be put into the footer.

So, make use of this prior to the mind is outputted:

    true // <-- this is what sends it down to the footer

Adding wp_footer() before closing from the body:

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

wp_enqueue_script with $in_footer

Example usage

wp_enqueue_script('wp-polls', plugins_url('wp-polls/polls-js.js'), array('jquery'), '2.50', true);