I've got a handful of compressed zip file with static HTML content (e.g. a directory tree of documentation with several static html pages that connect to one another, images, css, etc.) For example, the javadoc zip file can serve as a similar example for my purpose.

My real question is, if there's an apache module that will allow apache to "mount" a zip file like a virtual directory, whose contents are individuals from the zip file. The operating-system by which I am hosting apache is Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

There's a zip filesystem for FUSE, that is supported on OS X through the MacFUSE project. Where you can mount a zip file through the mount command, thus permitting Apache -- or other application -- to gain access to its contents like a normal directory.

I do not have my Mac handy right now and so i can't really try it out.

I am unaware of any existing Apache modules to get this done, however, you could implement it without touching Apache internals with the addition of a CGI script which handles use of ZIP archives:

Action zip-archive /cgi-bin/ziphandler.cgi
AddHandler zip-archive .zip

This makes ziphandler.cgi get known as for those accesses to .zip files, or (more to the point!) to files in "sites" under .zip files. After that, it ought to be pretty straightforward.