how do i make certain that Apache/web server user is permitted to complete spend instructions? I must perform spend command in PHP script however it does not work for whatever reason (it really works when written by hand in spend manually, obviously, therefore the command is definitely correct).

In my opinion however , the consumer PHP is running under cannot execute spend instructions. How do i make sure that and alter anyone's privileges to make use of spend?

I am using Home windows 7, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2.x.

In my opinion your question would be more appropriate on this website:

Does the file have execute permissions for that apache user? If perhaps which was Linux, I possibly could constitute more help than that...

Your server error logs must have some good info on why the spend command unsuccessful (permissions, PHP configurations etc.). Which should provide you with a sign regarding how to activate it.

Possibly it will help:

How you can Grant Permissions in Home windows 7

  1. Locate the file or folder which you want to capture possession in home windows explorer

  2. Right click file or folder and choose “Properties” from Context Menu

  3. Click Edit button in Qualities home windows Click ok to verify UAC elevation request.

  4. Choose user/group from permission home windows or click increase add other user or group.

  5. Now under Permission section look into the privileges which you need to grant i.e check