I am making an apple iphone RSS application which downloads articles from the web, then cache these questions database. I fetch 25 articles at any given time from the web, but however , once the last fetch comes from a very long time ago, you will see a gap between your latest 25 articles and also the cached 25 articles. Which means that I have to still download the articles together. But, how could I understand wether or otherwise the 2 fetch's content is consecutive? Will I take some flags within the database? Any ideas?

Any help could be appreciated! Thanks.


Possess a timestamp for your articles, obtain the latest timestamp of the saved products (this provides you with the most recent saved RSS article) and begin evaluating it using the timestamp of products to become fetched.

Once you discover the very first date that's more recent than the local saved one, it's the stage where you need to start fetching new results.