Today I have were built with a find out about wordpress plug ins, to date I realize that they're according to php. I've got a css3 lightbox system, which essentially is applicable several css rules to <ul class="lilbox"></ul>. I wan't to create wordpress wordpress plugin with this, but I am stuck. I have attempted to appear using php to use certain classes, however it was not successful. So could anybody explain the logic behind this? Wouldso would I produce a wordpress wordpress plugin that is applicable certain css rules (from stylesheet) to each <ul class="lilbox"></ul> ?

What you are asking doesn't need a wordpress wordpress plugin, nor would be that the reason for a wordpress wordpress plugin.

You are able to achieve what you would like related to CSS alone.

ul.lilbox {
   /* Your styles here */

The code above has, as putting it, "applie[d] certain css rules (from stylesheet) to each <ul class="lilbox">"

You could utilize PHP, for instance, to include a <ul class="lilbox"> if certain the weather is met: maybe if you will find images found in a publish you can place individuals within the lightbox, or just use the lightbox on the certain publish type.

But even for the reason that situation you have not produced a wordpress plugin-- that's just something you devote your own personal theme.

You'd produce a wordpress plugin if your certain function in your theme is one thing you need to easily reproduce (and let others reproduce) across multiple sites without needing to re-write or adapt the code for everybody site.