I've got a group of Django models which are utilized in two databases (i.e. syncdb was run against two databases in the same application). Both databases are for production services (one database consists of on-demand "sandbox" build information and also the other consists of nightly build information).

However , I wish to have one Django application that shows information from both databases. Is the fact that possible in Django? The answer that I have used to date would be to run the application from the nightly build database and employ raw SQL to gain access to the sandbox build database, but that is not DRY and merely feels wrong.


Django presently doesn't support several database. However, support is planned for version 1.2 and lots of work continues to be done already (see ticket #1142 and this thread on django-developers).

If you are looking at obtaining a jump about this (and assisting to try it out) you will find directions within the above thread regarding how to take a look at it via git or svn.

If anybody incurs exactly the same problem, you'll find the paperwork here: http://readthedocs.org/docs/django/en/1.2.4/topics/db/multi-db.html