Frantically attempting to enable a widget from functions.php file... After I utilize it as wordpress plugin the widget will come in icons page and may be incorporated in almost any widget area.

I would like it to display in the icons page alone, without needing a wordpress plugin for this. How do i register this widget from functions.php, do not want a static position but user must have the ability to drag and drop it to some widget area in the icons page.

Any help = highly appreciated!

function quokka_sidebar_tagcloud($args) {
  echo $before_widget;

 echo '<br class="clear" />';
echo $after_widget;


function quokka_sidebar_tagcloud_init()
  register_sidebar_widget(__('Quokka: Sidebar Tagcloud'), 'quokka_sidebar_tagcloud');
add_action("plugins_loaded", "quokka_sidebar_tagcloud_init");

Try calling

add_action("plugins_loaded", "quokka_sidebar_tagcloud_init");

in init and never in "plug ins_loaded". Such as this

add_action("plugins_loaded", "quokka_sidebar_tagcloud_init");

Also this snippet of code isn't inside any block or function within the functions.php file right?