i am managing a wordpress site so when viewing the website in IE6 i wish it to show my png transparent rather than having a gray background, anybody who are able to help? found solutions however the cause me to feel confused since wordpress has different tags to utilize

If you wish to use alpha-transparency and don't require more than 256 colors - you can test in order to save your image as 8-bit-png file with a lot more alpha-funnel.

Here is a good explanation: http://www.ethanandjamie.com/blog/37-user-interface/81-png8-transparency-without-fireworks

The funny factor is the fact that IE6 will disregard the alpah-funnel. Other (more recent) browsers like Opera, Opera, IE7+, Chrome, and Safari will attempt to show the look while using alpha-funnel.

I favor to make use of this solution because it doesn't require CSS hacks or Javascript.