I wish to cut Postgres to the minimal size for reason for including just database function with my application. I am using Portable Postgres available on internet. Any suggestions things i can remove from Postgres installation which isn't required for normal database use?

You are able to remove all of the stand alone tools in /bin - it may be completed with psql. Keep something that begins wth pg_, postgres and initdb.

You are able to most likely remove a lot of conversions in lib/ (the some_and_some.so) files, but most likely not until after you have initdb'ed. And take care not to remove one you will be using sooner or later - they're dynamically loaded which means you will not notice until a customer connects having a different encoding for instance.

But observe that this most likely will not enable you to get much - on my small system with debug enabled etc, the binaries take 17Mb. The clean data directory without any data whatsoever inside it takes 33Mb, about two times just as much. Which you'll need if you are likely to have the ability to make use of your database..