I've the screwdriver wordpress theme placed on my website (http://wordpress.org/extend/styles/screwdriver)

I made the required changes to my functions.php file, then produced a sidebar-custom.php file, and today the brand new sidebar is turning up during my Wordpress account, but The trainer told us Now i have to create space for that new sidebar within the theme layout.

I'm told it requires lots of layout redesign. Can anybody point me within the right direction regarding how to make this happen? I would like the recently-added sidebar to look around the right side of page.

Searching at things i have, I am presuming that I'll have to extend the width of grey area that shows at the back of my theme, then slowly move the center "plate" where my posts reside, together with the "plates" around the left that contain the icons. Then, I have to set the coding to ensure that

My problem is, I'm not sure where to start carrying this out. Can someone point me within the right direction?

Am i right in presuming this change will have to be produced in the index.php file?

Well it might rely on the way you registered the sidebar, but...

Get into your theme folder and locate where to place it (possibly at the end of header.php ?)

<?php dynamic_sidebar('yoursidebarname'); ?>

Refresh your website, discover the CSS selector for that new sidebar, and modify style.css accordingly - you might like to float it right and re-size this content area.

I am unfamiliar with the Screwdriver theme which means this might be totally wrong.