Can there be in whatever way to keep and retrieve data during my Google mailbox without needing to send emails the entire some time and block my mailbox...? (An easy text file is I must have there)

Or perhaps is there another method of storing files within the google cloud (free of charge)?

Not too this will make much difference but i am using Java.

Because of whomever includes a solution.

Highly likely this really is against gmail tos. You are prone to get a account erased should you attempt this.

There have been some free/open items years back that did this ("GDrive" I believe was one) plus they all were eventually shut lower.

Like others stated, it may be against google's tos. For any good summary of permited interactions with googles services:

A fast search did not show a method to reach mail accessories.

Google mail supports imap, so you may have the ability to get it done utilizing a java imap client library.

I'd use google paperwork with this though.

For programing-related stuff, you could attempt Google Project Hosting.

I'd pay attention to Mike and appearance the ToS. However, there is nothing preventing you against keeping a draft email going swimming that consists of textual data. I personally use it to pass through notes to myself rather than delivering emails.