I've got a wordpress blog and I must create a custom web design myself...

I shouldn't pay a lot of money for an organization to really make it for me personally

How come the templates damaged into a lot of different files?

What exactly are some lessons you realize of regarding how to make wordpress styles/templates?



one minute of searching: So you want to create WordPress themes huh?

Also: Word press templates are most likely split up into multiple files because areas of the theme are re-utilized on multiple pages. For instance, if you wish to change the way the side bar looks you just change it out in once place rather than around the primary page, archive, and detail pages.

Lots of websites do that, it's a theme in software applications altogether, it's known as Don't Repeat Yourself (look it on wiki).

an alternative choice is by using a style framework. it might be your primary theme, and also you produce a CHILD THEME, together with your preferred style. I'd state that, if you are planning to learn to produce a theme on your own, learn to make use of a theme framework rather. They're a top quality base you should use like a beginning point, are simpler to utilize, and therefore are not going anywhere soon. As well as that when you get used to building child styles, creating a second different theme is going to be considerably faster than beginning another theme on your own.

i favor HYBRID, but you will find evaluations from the primary theme frameworks here: http://www.wptavern.com/comparisons-between-most-popular-theme-frameworks, http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/05/27/wordpress-theme-development-frameworks/

if you are planning to construct it on your own, this is a PSD beginning point: http://www.area381.com/2007/07/10/wordpress-psd-framework/

If you are familiar with PHP, HTML and CSS the correct answer is simple to make your own Wordpress Templates

To enable you to get began

So you want to create WordPress themes huh?

Build a Basic Newspaper style layout with Wordpress and jQuery

I discovered both lessons to become the very best assets to construct your personal personalized template.

I must point 5 videos from CSS Tricks that assisted me creating my 1st WP theme. After which 2 more regarding the subject.