I am creating a couple of sites with Wordpress on the local server. I've my MAMP (2..1) running using the default port amounts for Apache and MySQL on Lion (10.7.2). It has been working very well until I lately experienced a perplexing problem.

One site particularly has gone through a couple of internal domain/vhost changes (this is the way I found the final outcome of utilizing the default port amounts re:my very own Wordpress development) that are recommended during my /etc/hosts file and in my MAMP apache httpd.conf VirtualHosts section. Now after i visit this specific development domain defined within the hosts and httpd.conf vhost, it provides me with a browser error proclaiming that it could not begin a link with dev.example.com:8888 (the Wordpress index.php and htaccess files have been in the folder index). I am a bit annoyed and confused as I have transformed the MAMP ports towards the default, yet this references the 8888 default MAMP apache port only around the domain index and does not wish to sway its course even when I visit dev.example.com:80. I'm able to access files and folders inside the domain by particularly typing them in, but going to the domain index because it is provides me with this error using the default port number. I've no clue why that's and weren't capable of finding an answer online.

Some search engine results have pointed out incorrect line formats within the hosts and httpd.conf files, but mine are Unix LF based to ensure that solution has not designed a difference. I have removed Wordpress in the domain's folder structure and attempted again however it still provides me with exactly the same error. On another domain I am using with Wordpress it really works fine the folders are positioned up much the same way, much like the records within the hosts and also the httpd.conf files. I recieve no apache errors after i go to the particular erroring domain too. I am just a little stumped overall factor.

Hosts entry:     dev.example.com

Vhost entry:

NameVirtualHost *:80

<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerName dev.example.com
  DocumentRoot "/Sites/example.com"

Wordpress config:

sql.wp_options.siteurl = http://dev.example.com/wp
sql.wp_options.home    = http://dev.example.com/