I am using MAMP Professional on my small OS X 10.6 with Espionage to secure my ~/Sites folder (where MAMP is tugging my virtual hosts from).

I am getting trouble getting MAMP's Apache stick to the symlink that Espionage instantly produces to /Volumes/EspionageMounts/lee/3042560432 (In my opinion this changes constantly, so can't be static).

My 'Sites' folder is possessed by lee/staff.

The amount Espionage mounts appears to become possessed through the same.

I've set MAMP Professional to make use of user 'lee' for Apache.

FollwSymLinks is occur my test.dev virtual host.

But, any Apache request to check.dev/whatever.html yields a 403 Forbidden.

The Apache error logs shows:

[Sun Jul 18 08:39:14 2010] [error] [client 127...1] Symbolic link not permitted: /Customers/lee/Sites

What shall we be held missing?

Make certain the prospective folder from the symlink has sufficient permissions for "others."

Try checking the choice "Public mountpoint" on Espionage.