I'm using MAMP. Essentially, to make use of the web site before, I visits localhost, or my address inside the network "192.160..11:8888" also it will bring in the website. However I wish to show my pal the web site and so i gave him my ip such as this: "92.241.xx.xxxx:8888", however when I personally use this address, the internet browser simply dangles there. I've firewall completely off and my router is placed to port forward 8888 to 192.160..11:8888.

Exactly why it's strange happens because basically type every other port, say, 8887, it really informs me the "Safari can't connect with server". However with the main harbour 8888 (the correct one), it dangles there, so something's up.

What shall we be held doing wrong? THnaks.

It may be your webserver is setup to simply pay attention to querys for that local ip 192.160..11 automatically.

Then when it sees a request 92.241.xxx.xxx it ignores is becasue it is not really a ip within the configuration file. I'd determine within the MAMP config for that 'listen' line.


Lots of systems will block unknown ports for example that one 8888.