I'm a single developer that attempts to apply the Agile and Scrum ideas during my work. Taking care of of applying this methods are short iterations.

Ultimately of my first iteration I provide the fundamental application towards the client (an easy desktop application with Linq to Organizations). From here as well as on I actually do my DB changes with SQL code and save all the new changes as DB deltas (by their running order).

These let me keep altering the DB, but make my work really slow when i can't use any DB GUI editor (or I will not possess a solid record from the changes).

Are you able to describe a much better practice which will server my goals?

You might evaluate flyway or its concepts and ideas.

Yes - Obtain a copy of Visual Studio Database Edition (presuming you're using .Internet and Visual Studio). It'll make your development existence much simpler in relation to controlling, versioning and implementing your database schema changes.

BTW, VSDE is incorporated if you work with Visual Studio Premium or Ultimate.