I am attempting to write a Wordpress plug-for the reason that instantly posts your blog publish in a certain time. For instance, read a lot of Nourishes and publish a regular digest of new records.

You will find plug-inches which do something such as things i want, quite a few them depend on the cron project for the automated arranging. I'll do this if I must, however i was wishing there is an easy method. Obtaining a typical Wordpress user to include a cron job is not exactly friendly.

Can there be a great way to plan a task that runs from the Wordpress plug-in? It does not need to run at precisely the proper time.

pseudo-cron is nice however the two issues it's is

1, It takes anyone to "hit" your blog to complete. Low volume sites will potentially have wide varying execution occasions so you shouldn't be two specific concerning the time.

2, The processing happens prior to the page loads. Therefore if teh execution time happens and you've got plenty of "cron" records you potentially upset site visitors by providing them a sub-standard experience.

Just my 2 cents :-)

vBulletin utilizes a kind of Pseudo-Cron system, that essentially inspections an agenda on every page access, and fires any processes which are due then.

It has been some time since i have labored with Wordpress, however i think something similar to this will work whether it operates on each page view.

I believe the easiest method to do that is by using a pseudo-cron. I've come across it on several occasions, and while not exact within the timing, it will do the thing you need it to complete. Since in Wordpress the index.php may be the first factor always hit based on the configurations within the .htaccess, produce a file known as pseudo-cron.php, dump it in to the root directory, after which want it once in the index. Whenever someone hits the website, it'll run, and technology-not only to initiate a script, and appearance if another daily digest must be produced based upon time during the day, so when the prior digest went.