Say you need to produce a manual connect to articles in Joomla! (that's, an "Exterior Link" type food selection or perhaps a link inside an article). You have to start the URL with "index.php?...", no absolute URL, or it'll break compatibility with Internet Search Engine Friendly Web addresses. With SEF off, you are able to just visit the front-finish of the site and copy the url in the food selection you need to connect to. With SEF on, you simply begin to see the routed version from the URL, which obviously would break if SEF were switched off.

Joomla integrated editors (I am using JoomlaFCK) usually provide a "Joomla! Link" button to help you to find and link to particular article. However, they do not highlight a food selection or use that menu item's parameters. If you would like the hyperlink to utilize a particular food selection (and also you most likely do) you need to by hand lookup recption menus item's ID and add "&Itemid=XX" in the finish from the URL. To include insult here, "Itemid", using its strange initial capital, is situation sensitive. The URL within the source menu item's detail page doesn't range from the food selection ID, just the article id.

I've clients nobody do not get this, and why must they? How do i tell a tech not-savvy client to obtain the right Hyperlink to connect to a food selection? What are the extensions which help with this particular?

Edit: I simply desired to share which i did not know of the Alias food selection type after i authored this. You need to use that rather than "Exterior Link" if you would like your brand-new food selection to focus on a particular other food selection. It's helpful to make custom breadcrumb or sidebar menu hierarchies. The issue still holds for links within articles, though.

I gave my client just a little manual regarding how to make links together with a screenshot from the menu(s). It becomes really simple! I wouldn't are conscious of any extensions for your, on the other hand I'm not sure all joomla extensions )

First of all, I wish to appreciate helping me having a problem - after reading through your publish I simply recognized the SEF wasn't working perfectly on my small site. I had been missing the Itemid parameter! (Without them, Joomla produces links like /component/<comp-title>/42 or /<current-menu-alias>/42).

To reply to your question, if the article already comes with an SEF URL, I'd suggest letting them know to merely copy-paste the URL clearly. It is the simplest for clients (and that i find doing much simpler myself). Sure, it'll break links if SEF is switched off, but can you explain that an problem? Just don't power it down! )

If clients think it is simple to grab individuals ID amounts, it may be a concept to produce a custom wordpress plugin that replaces having a URL like index.php?option=com_content&article=42&Itemid=5. You may create a wordpress plugin with only an XML manifest file and raw PHP code, that is what I frequently do...

I discovered extra time that helpful with this: Linkr. I no more have trouble explaining how you can create food selection links within articles. Combined with Alias food selection type, this covers all my problems.