I am running Apache Derby server on Eclipse EE.

My problem is the fact that whenever I aim to place (relatively) bigger amounts of records in to the database, it informs me the operation was effective, but upon inspection most of the records weren't really placed.

For instance, I've an sql file which card inserts 400 records in a single statement in to the database, and there's no problem there, all records are placed. However, after i make an effort to place having a file which has around 800 records, no more than 350 of individuals records finish up being placed. It card inserts the records within the order they're succumbed the file, after which in a certain point just doesn't place them, despite saying it's been successful.

Same problem having a file which has 8000 records. Even when I split that certain up, merely a couple of from the records are noticed inside the table.

What is leading to this and just how can one solve it?

edit: extra information:

I'm loading an sql file into eclipse, setting its connection profile towards the derby database, and taking advantage of the "execute all" command around the file.

This is a cut down illustration of the items in one particular file. There'd be ~800 lines within this prior to the semicolon.

    (2010, 'South Africa', 2010, 'Mexico', 11, 06, 2010, 'Group Match'),
    (2010, 'Uruguay', 2010, 'France', 11, 06, 2010, 'Group Match'),
    (2010, 'South Africa', 2010, 'Uruguay', 16, 06, 2010, 'Group Match'),
    (2010, 'France', 2010, 'Mexico', 17, 06, 2010, 'Group Match'),
    (2010, 'Mexico', 2010, 'Uruguay', 22, 06, 2010, 'Group Match'),
    (2010, 'France', 2010, 'South Africa', 22, 06, 2010, 'Group Match'),
    (2010, 'Argentina', 2010, 'Nigeria', 12, 06, 2010, 'Group Match'),
    (2010, 'Korea Republic', 2010, 'Greece', 12, 06, 2010, 'Group Match'),
    (2010, 'Greece', 2010, 'Nigeria', 17, 06, 2010, 'Group Match');

Upon performing this, the status window displays the items in the sql file and then

"(772 rows affected)

Elapsed Time:  0 hr, 0 min, 0 sec, 1 ms."

The SQL Results window has its own status as "success" and lists the operation as "Place INTO db.GAME..."

I don't know where you can access the derby log which you speak.