I've got a question which i'm not sure whether it's possible.

allows say i've 3 tables:

Offices: Id, Title

Contacts : id , first_title, last_title, email, office_id

Sites : id, ip_addr, dns_addr, title, office_id

let say i've 2 sites underneath the same office_id, but there is a different contacts. how do i map between one row of websites to multiple rows in Contacts??

i am much less fimiliar with db architcure, so perhaps i orgenized my db tables wrong?

thanks ahead of time.

The present structure of the DB does not connect a Site having a Contact whatsoever - both are based on the office.

The simplest method of doing what you're after is always to produce a research table that affiliates a Contact.id having a Site.id.

The issue you'll have with this particular is there won't be any natural integrity inspections - you are able to connect a message having a site that isn't affiliated with similar office. The main benefit here is that you could have multiple contacts per site, or multiple sites per contact.