I've an MSSQL Server 2008 database "DBLive" that connect to three different exterior servers [ExtServer1, ExtServer2, ExtServer3], all defined in sys.servers. You will find several saved methods that make reference to saved procs or tables around the exterior servers, f.x. like 'SELECT TOP 1 @SomeId = Id FROM [ExtServer1].TheExtDB.dbo.SomeTable WHERE ...'.

This is actually the challenge - if I wish to put an database around the server - "DBTest" that is the same copy of "DBLive" - but that ought to connect with different exterior servers - how do you make [ExtServer1 .. 3] point to another exterior servers for "DBLive" and "DBTest"?

If the can't be done - what will be the preferred method of connecting exterior databases in a way that two instances of the identical db, might have their very own exterior server references - without getting variations within the saved methods?

You'd most likely desire to use synonyms here. Begin to see the deal with recommended within this Microsoft Connect issue (and election in the problem while you are there).