Here's my problem:

I've outsourced my project and i'm searching for the easiest method to coordniate with my outsourced designers.

In the present situation i've svn hosting where they upload the code revisions after adding features or any changes.

I'm presently searching for some hosting where they might upload the code that i can begin to see the site for action and propose


Presently they run the code on their own local server and so i can't can get on.

So to be able to try out the website, i export the code in the svn hosting(where they upload it) to some folder on my small pc after which

upload it to my hosting.... install database(from sql file they offer me in svn), make any needed changes to config

apply for username, password etc. after which run it.

Now this can be a complicated and time intensive process when i repeat exactly the same process each time i have to begin to see the website in


I want something better; I presently possess a cpanel based hosting that is shared plan where i run different projects.

I can not share this account with my designers or other people since there's just one account(i guess only one person can

login at any given time) and you will find other projects too which i'm not going otheres to gain access to.

I'm searching for something which would let me see the website alterations in action because they happen without me needing to do

all of the dirty stuff(Conveying code from svn, uploading it to hosting, upgrading the db after which run the project to determine the

site for action).

Maybe my develoeprs can perform this for me personally, however i am also searching to create their work simpler to ensure that they do not have to spend some time

on may be.

So, what i've been thinking is give my designers another hosting login that has both svn and web server to ensure that they

easily move files from svn to web server for testing. Also most likely they are able to use Rync(excluding svn files) to simply update

the alterations as opposed to the whole project.

My questions are:

1)Have you got a better suggestion or do you realize anything better then your current approach, any tools, services or process

that enables better coordination/management for outsourced projects?

2) And most likely are you able to advise a hosting service that runs svn, web server as well as enables or provides spend/terminal

plan to run rsync?

Has anybody got any experience , please share .

This can be a classic utilization of a build server like Husdon Or you might just create a few deployment scripts to complete all of the repetitive work using something similar to Ant