With a few reason my sql database file skyrocketed being over 88 GB and that i can't visit a reason. i run couple of scripts to find large tables, found absolutely nothing to be too large. i additionally attempted to operate shrink database (which didn't do anything) and shrink files (which return a mistake).

has anybody has any idea what else i'm able to do?


The MDF (computer file) or even the LDF (log file)?

If you are running within the Full Recovery Model, your log file might be growing and growing, before you support it (after which it'll empty it).

Otherwise, you could attempt searching for what's using the space, with:

select *
from sys.allocation_units;

And keep in mind you could have empty space inside your database files. Your 'Shrink Files' dialog would have proven the percentage free space.

First factor I'd check (if you have checked the table and index dimensions but still visit a large difference) may be the file qualities.

In SQL Server Management Studio, visit the Object Explorer, right click your database under consideration and do "Qualities", after which visit the "Files" tab.

What files have you got? What exactly are their configurations, particularly the "Autogrowth" configurations?? If your computer file will get near to filling, SQL Server will expand it, in ways defined in individuals configurations - should you define that 50GB should be included to the file, and also the disk space can be obtained, SQL Server will happily oblige and achieve this - even when it requires only a couple of hundred extra bytes.