I am searching to include some kind of HTTP push-like functionality, implemented via lengthy polling or any other standard means, to some page constructed with Perl on the top of Apache.

It is possible to method of doing this without establishing another server for example Meteor or Stardust? It is possible to module that will assist with the server code? It is possible to way apart from lengthy polling?

In case your require a fast and dirty fix to prevent major changes for your current application or design, and you don't need instant updates, the other simple approach is by using regular AJAX polling in the browser towards the server.

Quite simply you'd have javascript inside your browser look into the server every few seconds to ascertain if there's any message and/or data around the server with this browser session. This will not really scale perfectly, particularly with short poll timeouts, and can consume server assets, however it might be a helpful stopgap solution.

Simply to reiterate, case a fast fix workaround - general consensus is you should utilize COMET (most likely on the separate server inside your situation) like a proper solution (until websockets arrive...) - see good quality analysis during these links:

http://cometdaily.com/2007/11/06/comet-is-always-better-than-polling/ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2975290/comet-versus-ajax-polling