i am using wordpress 3.1.2 ad the mediaelement.js wordpress plugin. I have converted my videos to ogg, mp4, and webm, submitted these to a folder known as "videos", and added the mediaelement code to my publish as noted around the wordpress wordpress plugin page.

my code is - [video mp4="http://mysite.com/videos/vid.mp4" ogg="http://mysite.com/videos/vid.theora.ogv" webm="http://mysite.com/videos/vid.webm" width="600" height="440" preload="true" autoplay="true"]

after i load the page in opera or chrome, i recieve a person by having an "X".

When checking with firebug, it appears like "http://mysite.com/wordpress-content/uploads/" has been put into all the video links, so it's not able to obtain the videos. The hyperlinks find yourself searching mangled like - http://mysite.com/vids/vid.mp4http://mysite.com/wp-content/uploads/

anybody know why this really is happening and just how to repair? thanks!