i'm newbie within codeigniter. i had been requested to construct a-dooid-like-site or perhaps a-aboutme-like-site for my local college to allow them to make their very own identity card. i plan building this site using codeigniter since i have heard codeigniter is easily the most clear to see and that i do not have a lot more than 2 days to accomplish the job.

my questions is :

  1. when the dooid develop with codeigniter, how could i create a function that enables people selecting their direct url. i am talking about, if i've got a class "User" and there's a "show" method that require "username" like a parameter. the URL should appears like that one:


    how could they create a their very own url like that one:

  2. i intend to restrict some "method" guest and it'll be enabled when user login into site. i am talking about if i've got a class "user" there's a "edit_profiles" method. guest can easily see the "show" method but drenched in customers will have the ability to "edit_profiles" after login. on a single class.

  3. do you know me the way the codeigniter session library class concept? i wrongly identified as native session php. can there be anybody that may show me some links consists of session class tutorial that stores session into databases?
  1. Yes you could do, consider the documentation for custom routes: http://codeigniter.com/user_guide/general/routing.html

  2. For access manage it is easiest to utilize a prebuilt login library for example ionauth or tankauth both or which offer the features you'll require.

  3. The periods utilized by CI don't use PHP native periods. The very best guide is incorporated in the dosumentation: http://codeigniter.com/user_guide/libraries/sessions.html In which the information is saved is dependent upon the periods within the config file and it is referred to within the documentation.